Genyous Biomed

Genyous' goal is to reduce mortality due to cancer and other chronic diseases and to improve quality of life for patients.

Genyous Biomed International ("Genyous") has invented a Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) drug development platform to create multivalent molecularly directed therapies (MMDT) for early intervention and treatment of heterogeneous chronic diseases such as cancer.

Genyous' MFMT drug development platform is based on systems biology that takes into consideration crosstalk between cells, the microenvironment and the host immune response. Genyous' multivalent molecularly directed therapies are designed to help support biological processes that are key to maintaining homeostasis and managing many chronic diseases. Genyous' multivalent molecularly directed therapies are designed to create an environment in which the body’s immune system, and other forms of intervention, can be more effective.

The Company’s lead MMDT candidate for oncology, Aneustat™, is in clinical development. Based on pre-clinical studies, Aneustat has demonstrated significant anti-cancer activity (on par with combination chemotherapy) but without any side effects. Given its wide dosing window, Aneustat is poised for ubiquitous use―enhancing the efficacy of other therapies (surgery, chemo, radiation) while reducing the toxicity burden for patients.

Genyous anticipates that its multivalent molecularly directed therapies will contribute to the treatment of other solid tumors and related chronic diseases (such as COPD, prostate disorders such as BPH and Prostatitis, pain and CNS disorders) which share many biological pathways and are correlated with increased risk of cancer.

Genyous commercializes its MMDT drug candidates via licensing agreements with its affiliates (Omnitura Therapeutics and Vitala Therapeutics) and other pharmaceutical companies. The Company is currently forming alliances for commercialization and joint development.

Systems Biology (n.) — The study of biological systems taking into account the interactions of the key elements such as genes, DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells with respect to one another within the cell, its microenvironment, and the host.