Genyous Biomed

About Genyous

Genyous Biomed International was founded in 2000 by a group of practical visionaries who seek a different way to address society's growing cancer burden. By creating an integrated solution to prevent, detect and treat cancer in its earliest stages, Genyous expects to improve the quality of life and reduce mortality for the millions of people diagnosed with cancer each year. It is envisioned that the Genyous solution may ultimately reduce the incidence of cancer. Genyous' initial focus is lung cancer (accounting for the most cancer mortality) and prostate cancer.

Genyous has established collaborations with leading scientific and clinical researchers from around the world to create a comprehensive healthcare solution integrating the latest technologies and understanding of chronic disease. The Genyous management philosophy has been to invest in expertise, not overhead. Hence Genyous' research and development has been accomplished by leveraging the expertise of leading scientists and clinicians who share the Genyous vision. The following is a partial list of institutions represented by Genyous' collaborators:

Based on Genyous' proprietary Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT) drug development platform for discovery, development, and manufacturing of multivalent therapies, the Company is in an attractive position to establish leadership in a promising new class of therapeutics.

Genyous Team

James Dao, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO

James Dao is a successful high tech inventor and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley with over 35 years of experience in managing, inventing, developing, and commercializing advanced technologies and innovative applications.

As founder and CEO of entrepreneurial companies, Mr. Dao is known for commercializing visionary business concepts and innovative products that stimulated paradigm shifts in their industries. These companies (in instrumentation, semiconductors and software) reached market capitalizations of US$2.7 billion and US$750 million respectively. Mr. Dao's technical accomplishments include developing next generation scanning electron beam microscopes that overcame previous limitations and allowed cancer research to progress since the 1970s. Mr. Dao also participated in the design of a pioneering machine that used radiation to treat cancer (now Varian's medical instrument division). Since the inception of Genyous Biomed, Mr. Dao has served as chief executive officer. He conceived the need for a paradigm change in therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Mr. Dao personally recruited the multi-disciplinary scientific/engineering team and led the research and development of Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT) therapies to prevent and treat cancer and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Abhay Joshi, Ph.D., Board Member

Dr. Abhay Joshi currently serves as President, CEO and Director of Alvine Pharmaceuticals. He has over eighteen years of global operations and research and development experience in biologic, pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Previously, Dr. Joshi served as an Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer and member of the Executive Committee at CoTherix, Inc., now Actelion Ltd. Prior to CoTherix, Dr. Joshi was the Vice President of Global Technical Operations, Specialty Pharmaceuticals at Allergan where he was responsible for the company's global biologics manufacturing operations for BOTOX® and its Latin America and Asia Pacific pharmaceutical operations. Dr. Joshi received his BTech in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, an MSE and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Joshi holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Southern California School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Jerry Norskog, Board Member

Mr. Norskog has over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Norskog held numerous senior management positions for various divisions of Johnson & Johnson in North America and throughout Asia Pacific. His Asia experience includes serving as president of Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd, a Johnson & Johnson joint venture with the Chinese Government, which was ranked among the top ten best ventures in China since 1991. Mr. Norskog also served as President of Johnson & Johnson China Development. Mr. Norskog's most recent engagement was as President of McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the division of Johnson & Johnson which markets Tylenol. Mr. Norskog is Chairman emeritus of the Chinese Foreign Pharmaceutical Investment Association. As a member of the Genyous board of directors, Mr. Norskog provides valuable insight on the global pharmaceutical markets and guidance on the cultivation of joint ventures and manufacturing & distribution alliances.

John Ostrem

Dr. John Ostrem, Ph.D., Board Member

Dr. John Ostrem has more than 30 years experience inventing new technology and bringing products to market. In 1982, he co-founded Communication Intelligence Corporation, a company specializing in natural input and electronic signature solutions where he served for 15 years as CTO and Senior VP of Research and Engineering. Subsequently Dr. Ostrem was Vice-President of R&D and Engineering at Dejima, a company that created and deployed user-friendly natural language interfaces. In 2001 Dr. Ostrem co-founded China MobileSoft, a company that developed telecommunications software for the Chinese and International markets, and at various times served as Chairman, CEO, and CTO. China MobileSoft's software was integrated into over 80 products. Dr. Ostrem oversaw the acquisition of China MobileSoft by PalmSource (the maker of the software used in the market leading Palm PDAs and smart phones). Dr. Ostrem began his career as a scientist and researcher at SRI (the former Stanford Research Institute). Dr. Ostrem has many scientific publications, patents, and has received numerous grants and awards from the National Science Foundation and NIST. As a member of the Genyous board of directors, Dr. Ostrem provides guidance on the medical application of nanotechnology and strategy regarding research funding.

Lee Ting

Lee Ting, Board Member

Mr. Ting currently serves as a Managing Partner of WR Hambrecht Ventures I and II, an affiliate of WR Hambrecht+Co, an investment bank based in San Francisco. He is an independent Board Member of the Lenovo Group, a leading global IT company based in US and China, and Neophotonics Inc., a global supplier of optical components and modules to the telecommunications industry based in San Jose, CA. Mr. Ting is a former Corporate Vice President of Hewlett Packard Co. (HP) where he worked for more than thirty years. His last position at HP was Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of Worldwide Geographic Operations. During a two-year absence from HP in the late eighties, Lee was a Senior Vice President of Hambrecht & Quist where he played a key role in the expansion of the firm's venture capital business into Asia.

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Urology

Dr. Goldenberg is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urologic Sciences at UBC, Director of Clinical Research at the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health sciences. He is a co-founder of the Canadian Urologic-Oncology Group, and past-president of both the Canadian Urological Association and the Western section of the American Urological Association.

Through his vision and leadership, the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital has developed into one of the top prostate research, education and healthcare delivery programs in the world. Dr. Larry Goldenberg was a pioneer in the use of intermittent hormone withdrawal for the management of prostate cancer, which is now used worldwide as a treatment option for this disease. His book, Prostate Cancer - All You Need to Know to Take an Active Part in Your Treatment, is considered one of the best reference sources for men with prostate disease in North America.

Dr. David Alberts, M.D., Chief Clinical Science Officer

Dr. David Alberts is a recognized leader in research in the prevention of cancer. He is a Regents Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, Nutritional Sciences, Public Health, and BIO5 Institute, the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Alberts has been funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) yearly since 1971 for laboratory and clinical research related to the clinical pharmacology of cancer chemotherapy and chemopreventive agents, as well as the development of research strategies for the prevention of breast, cervix, colon, prostate and skin cancers. Since 1987, Dr. Alberts has served as the principal investigator for two NCI-funded cancer prevention program project grants: the Colon Cancer Prevention Program Project and the Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer Program Project.

Dr. Alberts has authored or co-authored more than 400 peer-reviewed publications, has served as editor and co-editor of four books and has served on several editorial boards. Dr. Alberts also serves as Genyous' Chief Clinical Science Officer. Dr. Alberts plays a leadership role in shaping Genyous' clinical research in cancer detection, prevention and treatment.

Jack Troia, Chief Financial Officer

Jack Troia was a partner at Deloitte & Touche for fourteen years and in public accounting for over twenty-five years. Mr. Troia was a National Director of the Financial Services Practice and responsible for the financial services practices in the local offices of Deloitte & Touche in Washington, DC and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has significant experience in accounting and auditing for public and private companies, mergers and acquisitions, initial and secondary public offerings, financial management, and general business matters. Over the years he has worked with a significant number of businesses, especially in all aspects of financial management, business planning, accounting, and information systems.

After retiring from Deloitte & Touche, Mr. Troia took a temporary position at Georgetown University as an adjunct professor. For over five years Mr. Troia was involved with dynamic growing companies as both COO and CFO. He was responsible for all financial and operating aspects including accounting, treasury, human resources, management information systems, and operations. As CFO of Genyous Biomed, Mr. Troia serves to lead the Company's financial planning and related strategies. Under this role he will also help to develop the financial planning and control organizations of the affiliated companies Omnitura Therapeutics and Vitala Therapeutics.