Genyous Biomed

Invitation to Form Strategic Alliance to Reduce Suffering Due to Deadly COPD and Lung Cancer

Genyous Biomed International (“Genyous”) was founded in 2000 by a group of practical visionaries who seek to significantly improve the methods used to address the growing burden that lung diseases are placing on society. Genyous is committed to developing an affordable and well-tolerated integrated healthcare solution comprised of early detection and a new class multivalent of drugs (patents pending) intended for prevention, early intervention and treatment of deadly lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (“COPD”) and lung cancer.

Each year over 170,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer and more than 160,000 people die from it. An estimated 16 million Americans have been diagnosed with COPD and each year over 120,000 Americans die from it. In 2003, COPD and asthma treatment in the U.S. cost over $42 billion and accounted for $94 billion in lost economic output.

Genyous commercializes its products by licensing to its spin off companies and pharmaceutical companies that focus on the unique business characteristics of each component of its integrated solution.

Prevention/Early Intervention/Treatment of Lung Cancer via MFMT Drugs:

Cancer has been described as a heterogeneous disease, a characterization that has been substantiated by the finding that hundreds of genes are implicated in cancer. Modern discoveries have also determined that carcinogenesis is not just a function of cell features, but also of the cell’s interaction with its microenvironment (stroma) and the immune response system. To address this heterogeneous nature of cancer, Genyous has invented the Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) drug development platform to create a new class of multivalent drugs (patents pending) formulated based on systems biology considerations. Genyous' multivalent drugs have been formulated to deliver multiple synergistic actives in low doses, with a goal of avoiding disruption of homeostasis and minimizing development of drug resistance in patients. Genyous’ multivalent drugs are orally bioavailable, and given their wide dosing window, they are ideal for prevention, early intervention and maintenance (converting cancer to a chronic disease with minimal risk of recurrence).

Early Intervention

Cancer has been characterized as a progression of biological changes spanning many years, rather than a spontaneous random event. Given this, there are many opportunities to disrupt this progression, even after clinically detectable changes have manifested but before cancer has developed. For lung cancer, airflow obstruction and disease such as COPD have been correlated with elevated risk of lung cancer. Pharmaceuticals that alleviate symptoms associated with COPD and disrupt processes such as chronic inflammation, without reducing quality of life, are the ideal early intervention solutions for people at high risk of lung cancer. Genyous’ prevention and early intervention multivalent drug candidates are formulated to address these needs and are targeted to be commercialized by partnering with a pharmaceutical company with expertise and resources to market to primary care physicians and pulmonary specialists.

Cancer Treatment

Genyous’ lead multivalent oncology drug candidate, Aneustat™, kills cancer cells by impacting the initiation, development and progression of cancer at a molecular, cellular, and systems biology level. Genyous’ oncology products have been licensed to Omnitura Therapeutics ( for worldwide commercialization.

Genyous Strategic Alliance Program

Genyous is in the process of forming alliances for scientific, clinical and commercial collaboration to accelerate the delivery of these innovative solutions to lung cancer patients.